Monday, 21 February 2011

My Current Project

This is my current WIP. this is The Celtic Fairy by one of my favorite designers Joan Elliott. This is my progress so far.I intend to update this once a week this way it will keep me motivated. I'm finding abit of a learning curve as i haven't worked on evenweave in quite a while. Luckily my lamp helps me with the tricky bits.

My Stitching set up.

So ince i have moved into my own flat storing my stash can be a little challenging. I only have a small cuboard and when it comes to my hoops i have had to be a little creative and this is what i came up with.
Now that it is all organised with some help from the kitties. My Cuboard is alot easier to navigate.
I tend to stitch on the sofa which can be quite frustrating. This is mainly due to the fact that if my OH is also doing something it can be quite restrictive and i cant really spread out. It doesnt really help that the sofa tends to dip in the middle so i end up sliding into him. We are waiting for some renovation works to be done and i am hoiping to treat myself to a stitching chair so i can stretch out and hopefully then i won't feel as cramped.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


I thought i would share with you a few of the projects i have done from Mary Hickmott Easing into hardanger. Im getting better at it. Even if it is a challenge it is so much fun to do . I really should do more of These but i do get frustrated. If i can figure out how to do the four sided edging i can really get going

Threads getting out of control

So i thought i'd share with you my growing collection of Hardanger threads. as you can see from the pics below there are quite a few. It has now got to the point where they have outgrown the box i keep them in. I'm not sure how this happened but hey ho a girl can never have enough. Im currently trying to find a pretty box to hold them all but everything i've found hasn't cut the mustard.
 Im sure i will find something but as yet there just not Big enough.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Meet the Kitties

Well i think it would only be fair to introduce you to the two furbabies in my life. Sometimes a pain in my backside but i love them all the same.They will be heavily in this blog as they like to help in my stitching. First we have the big black panther. Loki is a two year old ex stray who i took in after a cry for help from a friend. as it turns out Loki has a severe flea allergy which if left unchecked can lead to a miserable kitty and a very expensive vet bill.
Then next we have the boss of the house seven month old Izzy who is a complete cuddle monster. she was 'rescued' from a house down the street.
Heres Loki enjoying his favourite past time.Loki loves to sit in the bath (and loves water) he is known for sitting on the bath playing with my razors. A very strange kitty indeed.

Here we have Izzy in her favorite stitching preventing state.

My new blog

Well i thought it was time for a new blog. After a turbulent sixteen months i think its time to get back on the saddle and get back in. i will post picture tomorrow of the thing i have been doing in the last few months and what i am doing now.